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I majored in advertising at Carnegie MellonUniversity and earned my MBA in finance and marketing at NYU, Stern School ofBusiness. I am a self-taught photographer.  

I loved photographs from a very young age. In 2nd grade I started taking snapshots and put together my first photo album. I was hooked, and never stopped making photos.  

After learning how to develop photographs in a dark room when I was in college, I fell in love with photography as a craft. I realized how creative photography can be and that it can be an art in addition to a documentation of life events.

My passion is to make captivating photographs by showing subjects in an unusual way by using non-traditional angles or vantage points and by including strong shapes and/or colors. I enjoy experimenting with new methods and materials in my photography. My latest experimentations include photographing soap bubbles and, immiscible substances: oil and water. While I take photographs of many different subjects and in many styles, I often strive to spark the viewers imagination by purposefully making them wonder what they are looking at.

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